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I believe that everyone brings something to the table.  Our history and past experiences make up who we are. My last name is Norwegian or Norske. My ancestors had great passions for adventures, exploring, trading and some were even Vikings. Great passion is in my DNA.

As a young boy and until I moved out for college, I was raised on a farm. We had many different animals, and as you can understand, this work started well before school and continued immediately afterwards, well into the night. At times it was tough, but the animals, my family, and others depended on me to do my part.

I learned quickly as an adult that relationships are the key to success. Applying the same principles toward my career that I learned so many years ago on that farm allows my clients to depend on me to do my part.

Hard work can be its own reward. I have learned to do my work right the first time.  I don’t quit just because I’m tired. I quit when I’m done. This work ethic is engrained in me, and it’s what I bring to the table for my clients. My passion for what I do, equipped with knowledge, allows me to be a great advocate for my clients. Ultimately, your success is my success.

Billy Bjorklund

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Real estate agent Bjorklund is a competent real estate agent for the veteran home buyer(s). He possess great communication skills. He also possess skills of professionalism during the emailing of homes, during home tours and so forth.

Rural hall, NC.

Billy was my buying agent as I was looking to purchase a house. I am a former certified home inspector of 2 years and know what a good agent is and Billy is one of the few good ones! He did everything in his power to get me the best deal possible and went to bat for me time and time again. He didn't get upset when I changed my mind from one house to another and was always just a text or phone call away when needed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Billy!!

Asheboro, NC.

It was a pleasure to work with Billy. He could see our diamond in the rough, and knew what it would sell for once we de-cluttered, did minor updates and some fresh paint. We got what we wanted and was under contract after 6 days on the market!!

Thomasville, NC.

Awesome realtor! For anyone looking to buy or sell, I recommend Billy wholeheartedly! From the first time we met Billy was attentive, informative and knowledgeable of the market and the details needed to help me sell my home. When we parted I knew he was the right pick. I trusted wholeheartedly that he would put every effort into selling my home, and he was always available to answer any questions I had no matter how insignificant they seemed to me. The sale of my home went quickly and was professionally and efficiently done; in fact so quickly I am still trying to wrap my head around it! When I doubted, Billy reassured me and told me not to worry. Sure enough, here we are less than 30 days later, sale complete! I am super pleased at Billy's diligence and his availability to assist me until the sale was final. Thank you again and again! I will make sure I inform anyone I know who is buying or selling to call Billy and the Blue Door Group! You will be glad you did, trust me!


Billy was attentive, responsive and listened to our requests. He provided feedback, expertise and recommendation when needed. Our home sold quickly due to the efforts of Billy and the Blue Door Group.

Winston salem, NC.

Billy assisted us with the selling of our home in Pfafftown, We interviewed several agents before making our decision and he was by far the best choice we could have made. His knowledge of the market and area lead us to pricing our home just right that we received a full offer within four days. He was very helpful and always responsive to the numerous questions we had throughout the process. We would highly recommend him and his team to anyone considering selling a home soon!

Pfafftown, NC.

Billy was super responsive and made every effort to get our home listed through various social media channels. I think BDG provided an all around positive selling atmosphere for our home. I will gladly recommend Blue Door Group and Billy! Thank you for your service!

malinda hatter
Mocksville, NC.

Billy was outstanding, start to finish. He is patient, kind, knowledgeable and prepared. He pays attention to the small stuff and always kept me informed of what was going on. I would absolutely recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks!


I would recommend Billy to anyone I know. He really captured and took to heart the needs and wants we were looking for in a home for our family. He helped us buy our very first home and with our second home he and his team were great and we closed on both homes the same day! The knowledge and expertise Billy had was amazing. He was very patient with us and answered every question down to the last detail in a timely manner. I'd highly recommend him to someone looking to buy or sell a home!

jeanette goldenstein
Winston salem, NC.

I would highly recommend Billy to anyone wanting to purchase or sell a home. He is extremely knowledgeable about real estate and what it takes to do his job. When our house was listed, we immediately had showings, several a week until the very end. He sold our house, just as promised. He worked with us and we came out of the experience with everything we had asked for. I could not have asked for a nicer or more understanding Realtor than Billy Bjorklund. He will be the first person I will call if anything real estate related is ever needed.

ms kim 1031
Kernersville, NC.

I am a first time home buyer and I've heard all the scary stories about buying a house (the stress of it). I can honestly say, I have no scary stories to tell. Billy has made this an exciting, fun, stress free experience for me. He's a very good listener and have a very good memory. He remembered everything I said I was looking for, even when I forgot what I was looking for. Billy kept me updated every step of the way. I am so honored of having the pleasure of Billy Bjorklund seeing me through an exciting, fun, life changing and pleasurable experience in my life, that I'll never forget. Thank you Billy for being there!

Whitsett, NC.

My name is Patricia A. and I was very fortunate to have Billy Bjorklund as my real state agent.
I contact him asking and explaining him what I was looking for, he immediately respond at me and did a lot of research of the area where I was interested. He came with the information and pictures of houses and took all his time to showed me the all the properties understanding my real needs and pointing the pros and cons in such an honest way.
He is an expertise have tons of experience regarding pricing and repair cost. I feel comfortable with the fact that he will succeed in dealing effectively and honestly with the negotiation involved; because he is really on top on every detail. Thank you Billy


I have just started using Billy to look for some houses. He has been great at helping to locate options, research my questions/houses, and take us around to check out the houses. He is very helpful, great at providing other contacts when needed, and not pushy at at all. We have not put in an offer yet so I have not experienced his negotiation skills. I would definately recommend Billy to someone beginning their house search.


I am a inspired local property investor and from the beginning Billy has been a true joy to work with. He is always a pleasure to speak with and his knowledge of the area has been helpful engineering a blueprint to investing success locally. Billy is very energetic always keeping me in touch on possible investment properties that meets my profile requirements. Billy possesses the expertise I need to make the best informed decision with my investments that gives me the security I need. I look at Billy as a true business adviser and will continue to use his expertise moving forward. I recommend Billy because he is trustworthy, loyal, and responsive.


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